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Ruin of a wall and colonnade arch

Evelyn Rose Foxen was a descendent of Benjamin Foxen of Rancho Tinaquaic. She grew on the property of the Maria Romero Lopez adobe, one of Santa Barbara's oldest homes built in 1855. Her grandfather, Salvador Foxen, raised her while her parents,…

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Born on September 1st, 1937 in Los Angeles, California, Gary Ray Chafe was the eldest son of Raymond Chafe and Edmee Silva. In the summer of 1947, Chafe’s father relocated the entire family to Santa Barbara following a job assignment with the Socal…

Jimmy's Oriental Gardens owner Tommy Chung and his mother Nuey Chung, are interviewed by local photographer Walter C. Douglas during a busy day at the restaurant.

Clip 1: Tommy Chung explains why the Chung family switched their last name from Yee…

Clip #1
Tomiye Muneno was known to most as Tomichi, a nickname given to her by her Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Gladys Curtis. Tomichi was born April 1, 1914 near the corner of Anacapa and Canon Perdido Streets and grew up in the Presidio neighborhood. In 1933,…

Born on January 26th, 1911 in Kobe, Japan, Amy Kakimoto immigrated to United States at age twelve or thirteen. In 1928, she married her husband Ikuo (Ikey) Kakimoto, a Santa Barbara native who owned and operated a produce store at the corner of…

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The CCC is a state agency established in 1976 that employs youth to aid in preservation, reconstruction, and the conservation of California's natural resources. Although stationed at a center in Camarillo, many came to Santa Barbara during the 1977…

Jackson Cianfrone came to Santa Barbara with his Italian parents in 1923 when he was one year old. He attended local schools including Franklin kindergarten and Santa Barbara Middle and High School. He was drafted into the military where he worked…

Born in 1923 at St. Francis Hospital to Italian parents, Bruno Mautino is a Santa Barbara native and served in the Air Force during World War II. Owner of the S.B. Tire and Retreading Company, Bruno also played in the American Legion Band and played…

Photo taken in November 2011 when Gordon led students from Anacapa School in whitewashing the Presidio Northeast Corner. Gordon's memory was captured at SBTHP's 2012 volunteer appreciation lunch.

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Photo taken during one of Kathy's school group tours at the Presidio. Kathy's memory was captured after a meeting of SBTHP's Education Committee.
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