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Main entrance wooden doors

Dam and bridge located at Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

CM21518 SJC005.tif
Mission doorway with graffiti

CM21517 San Diego004.tif
Deteriorating façade of chapel

CM21516 Altar San Gabriel (2).tif
Altar and statuary

CM21511 La Purisima ruins002.tif
Mission wall, buttress, and colonnade pillars in ruins; image taken from west end

View of bell wall with four bells

CA21543 San Luis Rey001.tif
Bell tower and façade with car in front

View of mission façade from the street with cars and storefronts

CM21553_Mission Santa Ines mills.tif
Looking over the top of the fulling mill to the mission up on the hill

View of cemetery outside the chapel

CM321460_Mission San Gabriel.tif
View of bell tower before 1931 when the top bell was replaced
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