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About This Site

The items presented on this site are part of the collections of the Presidio Research Center, managed by the Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation.  For more information on the Presidio Research Center, its history and its holdings, click here.

We are presenting these digital collections in order to make the Research Center’s holdings more accessible to the public.  You will notice that we have included a sharing feature on this site.  We encourage sharing of these images via the social media buttons included at the base of each item file, or by sending a hyperlink via email.  We ask that you follow these methods for sharing so that the original link to our site remains intact and others can find out more about the image and the Presidio Research Center.    

For information on requesting permission for publication (in print, digital, or any other medium) or commercial use of the items on this site, please click here.   All images included on this site are property of the Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation.  While we encourage dissemination of these images for personal use and educational purposes, any request for publication or commercial use must be made in writing via the instructions in the above link.

Having trouble finding an image?  Use the search bar at the top of the home page.  Each item is searchable by any word in the name, description or tag.