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In the twelve years I have worked at SBTHP I have traversed this neighborhood countless times. When I picture the neighborhood, I think of my trails through and around it. As you'll see from the map, some of my trails are through legal pedestrian…

MM_Karen Schultz Anderson.jpg
I've drawn what I consider to be the heart of the Presidio neighborhood, the area around the intersection of East Canon Perdido & Santa Barbara Streets.

MM_Joshua Figueroa.jpg
It is a collection of images I think of when I look back on my time with the Presidio. There is my school, the entrance to Mike's office, the adobe kiln, gardening, a hummingbird (I always see them around here), a straw hat, etc.

MM_Amanda Gonzalez.jpg
This is a geographical map of the Presidio neighborhood in the present. There are several museums, a state historic park, and many historic sites. My map reflects the present businesses/residences that are established in this area. I wished to…

MM_Torie Quinonez.jpg
I feel like the intersection of Canon Perdido and Santa Barbara Streets has been the center of my universe for the entire 1.5 years I have lived in Santa Barbara. I came here to be the Presidio Research Center Librarian so this place has been the…

This map depicts the places I see, eat in and work at five days a week. Unsurprisingly it is not to scale or representative of all this great little neighborhood has to offer. I appear to have taken greatest note of where I may procure my next meal,…

Looking down Canon Perdido St., the Presidio sits among contemporary shops, restaurants and local businesses. This juxtaposition between historic buildings and modern commerce allows locals and visitors to enjoy the best of both worlds.

The placement of the Presidio photograph on the inside of the California State Parks pamphlet inspired me to use it as a canvas for my mental map. As a scholar, I wanted my map to reflect how I visualize the Presidio neighborhood and how I would…

Jack Calderon.JPG
Of Chumash and Spanish descent, Jack and his family moved from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara in 1946 for a better life. Jack recalls the invisible racial lines of both Los Angeles and Santa Barbara and how both cities have changed. Despite growing up…

This is a carved leather journal depicting the Santa Barbara Mission.


This is a red leather journal with the Delfina's name stamped on the front.

The first page of the front of the journal features a profile of a man. The first page reads " la Guerra - Mar 21"

The first page of the back cover reads…
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