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fiesta012- Ladies of the Mercado - watermark.jpg
With large gourds resting on their heads, these women travel around the mercado with flowers, vegetables, and fruit.

fiesta016 – Vendors of Vintage Fiesta - watermark.jpg
A palm-reader wearing a traditional silk shawl engages audiences in Fiesta activities.


fiesta020 - Fiesta Participant in the Finest of Costumes - watermark.jpg
Woman in Fiesta costume standing in front of archway

fiesta015 - A Tradition of Spectacle - watermark.jpg
Woman in embroidered shawl.



CHD Zine 2022-ereader.pdf
A community zine made by attendees of the 2022 Community History Day Event at the El Presidio de Santa Barbara State Park


14. Valdez House Watermarked.jpg
This small wooden house was built c. 1871 for Concepcion Valdez, who resided on the property for over forty-five years. It is occupied by the Santa Cruz Island Foundation.

4. Trussell-Winchester Adobe Watermarked.jpg
Captain Horatio Gates Trussell built this house in 1854 from adobe bricks and from wood salvaged from the shipwreck of the "SS Winfield Scott." Sheathed in wood, this adobe reflects the influence of its builder, a native of New England. Wooden…

Born in the Santa Barbara area in 1942, Tommy Chung and his family moved to the Presidio neighborhood after the construction of his father’s restaurant – Jimmy’s Oriental Gardens – was completed in 1946 and an attached…
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