California Conservation Corps Oral History: Ralph Ross and Steve Sharrard

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California Conservation Corps Oral History: Ralph Ross and Steve Sharrard


The CCC is a state agency established in 1976 that employs youth to aid in preservation, reconstruction, and the conservation of California's natural resources. Although stationed at a center in Camarillo, many came to Santa Barbara during the 1977 Sycamore Fire, and remained here help on various other projects, including the maintenance and reconstruction of the Santa Barbara Presidio. The CCCs put in over 30,000 hours at the Presidio in restoration and archaeological work. Ralph Ross and Steve Sharrard talk about their training to be CCC members and experience as CCC interns at the Presidio in 1986.

Above Photo: Ralph Ross and Steve Sharrard lay tiles on the old Presidio Research Center.

Clip 1: The CCC can thank McDonalds for convincing Ralph to join.

Clip 2: The rigor of the CCC Academy is compared to the service boot camp.

Clip 3: Ralph and Steve are just as thankful for the opportunity to work on the the Presidio project as we are to them.

Clip 5: Steve’s self-supervision skills are tested by supervisor Guy Wilson during a day of work at El Paseo.

Clip 5: The guys gain a multitude of skills at El Presidio SHP, including honing their writing skills in journal entries. These are carefully edited by SBTHP Executive Director Jarrell Jackman!


Fall 1986



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Ralph Ross and Steve Sharrard



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