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Mallory Gonzalez mental map001.jpg
I drew the Presidio Chapel because it is what most visitors enjoy the most. With all the events that it hosts, it is definitely one of the most dynamic parts of the Presidio Neighborhood.

Christa Jones front  mental map001.jpg
I often wonder how cities and civilizations grow and die. I know my impressions are influenced by both where I live now and where I have lived in the past. It has been almost ten years since I left my home town Oxnard, a place that I compare to…

Jen Wold  mental map001.jpg
Not to scale. Things/ events I remember.

Stephanie Byrd mental map001.jpg
My time at SBTHP has been spent constantly learning. So, while SB originated at the Presidio, all around town I have flashes of something I learned or my experiences at SBTHP that I tell to visitors and my friends/family that visit.…

Brittany Avila mental map001.jpg
My map points out the little things I notice each day that I work in the Presidio Neighborhood that makes this area unique and magical.

Mental Map Compressed-Richard Rojas.jpg
As you may know, I was the Channel Coast District Superintendent for CA State Parks from August 2000 until December 2006, before retiring from State service in 2007. During my tenure as District Superintendent, my focus in working with the SBTHP was…

Helen Wong Mental Map Compressed.jpg
"The Presidio neighborhood used to be Chinatown for me!"

calderon mental map compressed.jpg
"Seeing what the Presidio was in 1943 to what it is now is amazing!"

This mental map was drawn by Juan's young granddaughter, Celina Ramos, based on his description of the Presidio neighborhood circa 1943.

MM_Roger Knox low res.jpg
Not -to-scale, rough-out!

MM_Nan Cisney low res.jpg
Completely out of scale.

MM_Melinda Palacio low res.jpg
Rehearsing for Las Posadas is my favorite Presidio activity.

MM_Marlene Carrol low res.jpg
Remembering Fiesta in De la Guerra Plaza. Festive and fun.
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