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calderon mental map compressed.jpg
"Seeing what the Presidio was in 1943 to what it is now is amazing!"

This mental map was drawn by Juan's young granddaughter, Celina Ramos, based on his description of the Presidio neighborhood circa 1943.

MM_Amanda Gonzalez.jpg
This is a geographical map of the Presidio neighborhood in the present. There are several museums, a state historic park, and many historic sites. My map reflects the present businesses/residences that are established in this area. I wished to…

In the twelve years I have worked at SBTHP I have traversed this neighborhood countless times. When I picture the neighborhood, I think of my trails through and around it. As you'll see from the map, some of my trails are through legal pedestrian…

This is a letter from Arturo to Delfina. He wrote letters to her from March to June, 1894.

This is a poem written from Arturo to Delfina in June, 1894.




April 21 2012 029.jpg

MM_Barbara Lindemann.jpg
Brief sketch of the layout. Effort to recognize the people who made it happen.

MM_Bill Dewey.jpg
"The basic buildings that I interact with, and have been involved with for more than 35 years."

Bill noted that he has often photographed the Presidio and Casa de la Guerra, and often rides his bike around the neighborhood for photography work and…

MM_Bob Hoover.jpg
"This is the Presidio neighborhood circa 1820."

Bob ran an archaeology field school at the Presidio for several years. He is an expert on early California archaeology.
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