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  • Collection: Fiesta! A Santa Barbara Tradition: Images from the Pearl Chase Collection, 1924 - 1930

fiesta011 - Costumed at the Mission - watermark.jpg
A Fiesta participant in costume at Old Mission Santa Barbara.

fiesta004 - The Mission, a Fiesta Participant and Mainstay of Santa Barbara - watermark.jpg
A tradition kept to this day, icons of the city were used as hubs of social activities for Fiesta. Here, participants gather at the Santa Barbara Mission in preparation for Fiesta activities.

fiesta020 - Fiesta Participant in the Finest of Costumes - watermark.jpg
Woman in Fiesta costume standing in front of archway

fiesta015 - A Tradition of Spectacle - watermark.jpg
Woman in embroidered shawl.

fiesta010 - Costumed Youth Enjoy Fiesta - watermark.jpg
Man wearing sombrero and serape riding a donkey

fiesta016 – Vendors of Vintage Fiesta - watermark.jpg
A palm-reader wearing a traditional silk shawl engages audiences in Fiesta activities.

fiesta006 - Mariachi at Fiesta! - watermark.jpg
A June 17, 1919 edition of the Daily News proclaimed that "Spanish colors, hospitality, and traditions will predominate at Santa Barbara's summer fiesta.” Here, one of many traveling mariachi bands fill the downtown area with joyous music and…

fiesta007 - Casa de la Guerra, a Fiesta Foundation - watermark.jpg
At Casa de la Guerra, two costumed dancers are surrounded by musicians

fiesta009 - Fiesta Around Town, Santa Barbara Courthouse - watermark.jpg
Just as today, several downtown locations acted as hubs of Fiesta activities. From Casa de la Guerra to the Santa Barbara Courthouse, residents and visitors alike donned Spanish costumes of the finest fabrics.

fiesta017 - Music and Dancing in El Paseo - watermark.jpg
El Paseo, built in the early 1920's around Casa de la Guerra, was the heart of Old Spanish Days Fiesta with a mercado, performances, and public gatherings. Here, one lovely lady performs a romantic Spanish dance surrounded by a six-piece…

fiesta002 - Performers Gather in El Paseo - watermark.jpg
Gathered in El Paseo, Fiesta performers would dress in traditional Spanish attire that also evoked the current Hollywood interpretation of California history.

fiesta012- Ladies of the Mercado - watermark.jpg
With large gourds resting on their heads, these women travel around the mercado with flowers, vegetables, and fruit.
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